Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health


This Missouri College program in Allied Health is designed to prepare students with the appropriate general education and didactic theory for advancing from an allied health diploma level to the Associate of Applied Science degree.

    The curriculum focuses on preparing students to prepare for enhanced opportunities in supervisory or management roles in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

The Missouri College Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health degree completion program is a 60-credit hour program for those who have already completed a 36 credit-hour diploma program. Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in areas such as personal management, risk management and financial administration. Graduates will be expected to:

  • Be prepared for enhanced opportunities in their current field for supervisory or management roles.
  • Exhibit an understanding of healthcare business office skills.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in a variety of general education course offerings.
  • Explore skills that are utilized in the healthcare field, such as personnel management, risk management and financial administration.
  • Build management skills to utilize in their healthcare related field.
  • Demonstrate work-based projects that incorporate critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Develop written and oral communication skill sets to be utilized in the healthcare office setting.
  • Demonstrate workplace skills of maintaining interpersonal relationships and communicating effectively in a professional office environment.
  • Prepare to become innovative in their role as a healthcare professional in a growing industry through continued education and personal development.
  • Core coursework in this program is focused on helping students gain an understanding of the business aspects of healthcare and prepare for enhanced opportunities in supervisory or management roles in a variety of healthcare settings. For example:
  • In Healthcare Management, students are given the opportunity to develop an understanding of healthcare business office skills. Administrative skills that may be covered include personnel management, risk management, and financial administration. This course also provides students with an understanding of how to review and implement healthcare regulations as they relate to healthcare industries.
  • In Health and Wellness, students are introduced to the dimensions of wellness, including the impact of psychological, emotional, and physical health, as well as environmental influences that affect behavior. This course covers the mind-body connection, the relationship between fitness and wellness, and the importance of taking personal responsibility for one’s health.
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    Missouri College – Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health


    Employment Rates:

    Given the fact that all of the rates reflected below are based on historical data and were subject to varying levels of audit and re-interpretation, students should not rely on them as an implicit or explicit representation or promise of future outcomes or employability following completion of a program of study. Indeed, there are numerous factors that affect a student’s ability to graduate and secure employment over which we have little or no control. Therefore, our school cannot and does not guarantee or estimate the likelihood of on-time completion, graduation, or employment for any student.

    Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE):

    Reporting Period: 7/1/2013 through 6/30/2014

    Date Submitted: 03/2015

    Campus Rate   76%
    Program Rate  NA


    Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS):

    Reporting Period: 7/1/2014 through 6/30/2015

    Date Submitted: 10/2015

    Campus Rate   79%
    Program Rate  88%


    Missouri College – Graduation Rate

    The percentage of first-time, full-time undergraduate students who started between
    7/1/2009 and 6/30/2010 who completed within 150% of the normal time period: 64%