Simpro Virtual Trainer


Learn By Doing – Anytime, Anyplace, At Your Own Pace

What is Simpro Virtual Trainer?
Simpro Virtual Trainer is revolutionary educational software created exclusively for a variety of programs offered at Missouri College. It is designed to enhance traditional classroom training as well as clinical-site training.

Train Anytime, Anyplace, At Any Pace
Take Simpro out of the classroom and put it on to your personal computer or laptop. That means all course materials are available to you 24/7 and you can practice clinical procedures whenever you wish, as often as you wish. For some of the clinical procedures, you will need a second computer mouse to use the simulation portion.

Simpro Can Help Make You a Better Healthcare Professional
Simpro Virtual Trainer is an incredible innovation that's becoming a revolutionary reality. With Simpro, you’ll have unlimited opportunities to learn, develop and practice relevant clinical skills that can help prepare you for career opportunities. The simulation offerings are geared toward making you ready to perform common procedures with skills and confidence. The convenience of Simpro allows you to repeatedly practice your skills in virtual reality, thus minimizing the decay of knowledge and confidence that can occur.

You Deserve a Competitive Edge
We believe Simpro helps deliver a quality education that will produce quality graduates. The graduates across programs that use Simpro can possess a competitive advantage and can one day provide patients with quality care. Research has shown that students who receive clinical training through simulation and get exposed to multiple learning modalities demonstrate greater skill and efficiency in performing clinical skills.

Developed Exclusively for Missouri College
Simpro was designed specifically for our curriculum and many of the included procedures. It is intended to enhance and complement existing, proven training methods inside the classroom and at clinical sites. It is only available for use with our programs and for the benefit of our students.

Education Software Geared For Success Through cutting-edge simulations and learning tools, Simpro Virtual Trainer helps future healthcare professionals, like you, complete and excel in your core curriculum courses to hone your skills even prior to patient contact. It consists of four interactive elements:

Simpro course text features animation, pictures, clickable information about the procedures and a glossary of key terms.

Streaming video in sync with the text and actual procedures are shown. Stop, start and reverse/fast-forward to learn at your own pace.

Superior 3-D anatomy renderings that reveal layers of the anatomy and rotate specific parts – images practically jump off the screen… and you can control them!

Clinical Simulations
Most innovative of all, conduct realistic patient examinations in a virtual environment! You can even quiz yourself – answer questions, select the correct instrument and perform procedures. There’s even a logbook to track scores so you can measure your performance and improvement over time.

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