Career Services

Missouri College's full-time career-services staff is dedicated to assisting current students and alumni with resume preparation, interviewing skills and searching for employment opportunities.

Students enrolled in Missouri College will have an opportunity for part-time employment while they pursue their studies. It is important to note that this assistance is available to all students who make satisfactory academic progress. The Career Services Department is the liaison between students and employers, serving the students by promoting Missouri College to prospective employers.

The graduate employment assistance process intensifies as students near graduation. The Career Service Department assists students with resume writing, interviewing skills and professional networking techniques. Students may have an opportunity to interview both on and off campus, until they have secured an appropriate position. This partnership between the graduate and Career Services department has the most potential for successful employment when the graduate maintains weekly contact with their Career Services Representative. The links below provide additional information that may be helpful to individuals interested in pursuing new opportunities in the business and allied health.

To learn more about Missouri College, our degree programs or how to apply for admission, please contact us for more information.