Nutrition and Fitness Training Go Hand in Hand

December 10, 2013 General, Health Care 0 Comments

Nutrition and Fitness Training Go Hand in HandMost people are motivated to work out to improve some aspect of their lives. Some do it because they want to feel healthier. Others do it because they want to look better. Then you have those who do it because they want to enhance their speed, endurance or strength. Regardless of the underlying motives for fitness training, results can be maximized when exercise is combined with a healthy diet.

There is no doubt that fitness training can improve your overall health, but optimum results may be elusive when eating habits aren't on point. When people find themselves hitting plateaus or having difficulties getting rid of body fat, it can often be traced back to what they eat.

The body can't convert such junky foods as chips, cookies, french fries, pork rinds and cakes into healthy organ cells, bone or muscle mass. Instead, these foods get stored in the body as fat. Obviously, this is not a good thing for someone who wants to reap the benefits of fitness training.

The body relies on the food a person eats to give them the energy they need to get through the day. If the food is less than nutritious, it makes getting through a fitness training session tough.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, nutritious eating combined with exercise can: 

  • Improve chances of a longer life
  • Improve muscle fitness
  • Shield against heart disease and stroke
  • Reduce the risk of certain cancers
  • Help prevent diabetes
  • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Help manage weight and promote weight loss
  • Improve mood
  • Improve cognitive function 

What Constitutes a Nutritious Diet

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggest that a nutritious eating plan consists of a variety of veggies, low-fat dairy, fruits, whole grains and lean meats such as chicken and fish. In addition, a person should work to reduce the consumption of foods that contain sugar, salt, saturated fat and cholesterol.

Choosing to add exercise to your life can work to improve your overall health in incredible ways. However, a less than nutritious diet can sabotage all the hard work you put into your workouts. The best results come when fitness training is done in conjunction with a healthy eating plan. 


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