What You Can Learn In A Medical Assistant Program

October 4, 2013 General 0 Comments

Learn In A Medical Assistant ProgramMedical assistants are the renaissance men and women of the healthcare field. They’re multitaskers who do a little bit of everything in physician offices and other healthcare facilities.

Because these professionals balance both administrative and clinical duties, they need medical assistant training to learn how to perform all of the duties they’re responsible for. So if you’re interested in the medical assistant field, the first step is to pursue a medical assistant program.

Medical Assistant Skills

So what exactly can you learn by getting medical assistant training? Well, students learn about everything from medical codes to human anatomy to laboratory tests. Here’s a snapshot of some of the skills you could learn in a medical assistant program.

  • Handle administrative duties including scheduling appointments, recordkeeping, data entry, verifying patient insurance information and more
  • Understand and adhere to medical laws and ethics
  • Use effective interpersonal communication in a professional setting to maintain relationships with colleagues and provide customer service to patients
  • Understand the human body – its structures, functions, systems and diseases
  • Use medical terms related to anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnoses, and procedures
  • Perform clinical duties, such as taking vital signs and administering injections, and laboratory procedures
  • Take and update patient medical records
  • Interpret diagnosed diseases and treatments to correctly assign the codes used to process insurance information
  • Explain treatment techniques to patients

Is medical assisting the right field for you? Learn more about the duties and work environment to find out.


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