NASM Certification For Fitness Trainers – Why It Matters

October 10, 2013 General 0 Comments

Certification For Fitness TrainersThe time has never been more right for the fitness training industry. As more and more individuals find themselves working in office environments, it is easier than ever before to gain weight due to sedentary, office-based work that does not burn calories off the body. Furthermore, our increasingly fast food-centric diet puts many more calories in our body each day than we need, and government-subsidized corn syrup is added to many, many foods – greatly increasing the weight gain many men and women experience as they enter middle age. Lastly, with more and more people commuting an average of one half-hour or more to work and back each evening, there is less time for exercise and less exercise being done after work. Physical trainers help to balance-out this unhealthy equation.

Physical trainers not only administer encouragement, pep talks and enthusiasm to their clients – they have expertise about which exercises work which muscles, how to prevent the body from experiencing injuries due to training, and are familiar with stretching regimens and weight training equipment that can add big gains to muscle mass or weight reduction. Some trainers work for gyms, some work for large corporations – many are independent agents and work for themselves. Consider physical trainers to be part coach, part cheerleader, part teacher and part resource for exercise theory and weight reduction and strength gains. NASM – the National Academy of Sports Medicine – can add further legitimacy and a strong knowledge base to the education of any physical trainer.

Due to insurance regulations supported by many gymnasiums and fitness clubs, NASM membership is almost required for legitimacy in the fitness industry in some states. Many corporations and large businesses who hire fitness trainers look for certification to show their legitimacy to their boards of directors and employees.  In the same way that law students must pass their legal board review/bar examine in order to become a licensed and practicing attorney, fitness trainers are always encouraged to seek certification that shows they understand universally accepted best practices for training others in fitness-related pursuits.

NASM certification is a nationally recognized voluntary certification that could enhance employment opportunities or income potential and is required for practice in certain states of America. NASM membership and certification adds another layer of legitimacy to your education and knowledge base, and shows potential employers as well as clients that you are very serious about your pursuit of physical fitness for yourself as well as for others. With the increase in interest in nutrition, MMA, senior citizen fitness, youth fitness and sports fitness, it is estimated that fitness training will grow as industry about 25% in the next decade. If you want to be part of this fast-growing, healthy and proactive industry, shouldn’t you do all that you can to learn and to grow into your role as a fitness professional? NASM certification is certainly a positive step in that direction for everyone interested in fitness training as a profession.

Want to learn more about NASM and fitness training certification? You can get information here.

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Keep on exercising, and keep learning as well!


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