Which U.S. States Have The Poorest Health?

August 21, 2013 General, Health Care 0 Comments

States With The Poorest HealthAmerica’s Health Rankings published their annual list of healthiest states in December 2012. Vermont was named the healthiest state for the fourth year in a row, together with higher rates of high school graduation and lower rates of uninsured citizens.

If you are considering pursuing a degree in healthcare management, there are more opportunities to make a difference in the states that ranked low on the list.

The states with the poorest health were Louisiana and Mississippi, which tied for last place. Both states have consistently been ranked at the bottom of the list. Citizens from Louisiana and Mississippi suffer from high rates of occupational fatalities and many chronic conditions, including inactivity, obesity and diabetes. Mississippi does, in fact, have the highest rates of obesity and inactivity in the United States. Louisiana and Mississippi also suffer from high rates of children living in poverty.

America’s Health Rankings statistics show that states can improve their ranking. Programs and policies have been put in place in states like Vermont that improved the well-being of its citizens. States should be looking at and modeling after the habits of their healthier neighbors.

Louisiana and Mississippi are not the only states showing a rise in chronic conditions like obesity. The entire nation is at risk. More than 1 in 4 American adults are obese. Unless states become more health conscious, this number will continue to rise.

Now is the time to consider pursuing healthcare management training. States including Louisiana and Mississippi can benefit from an increased number of healthcare administration professionals. If you are interested in finding out more about this important industry, contact a Healthcare Management degree program advisor at Missouri College.


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