Medical Assisting: 5 Tips For Success

August 27, 2013 General 0 Comments

Medical Assisting TipsMedical environments are fast-paced. Things are constantly changing.

Working in such an environment can be exhilarating, yet sometimes stressful. If you are studying to become a medical assistant, you might already be familiar with this setting. To prepare for you on-site training and your work after you complete your degree program, we’ve outlined five tips to make you  more successful and efficient in the workplace:

1. Turn off your cell phone

In today’s world, many people are glued to their cell phones. However, when you’re working in a medical environment, you must be attentive. You cannot anticipate what your boss will need next or what they will expect from you. Avoid distractions and be ready to help at all times.

2. Never say you can’t or don’t know

Your boss will have questions for you that you don’t know the answer to. Especially if you have just started working in a medical environment, there is a lot to learn. Even if you do not know the answer, say “Let me find out” and seek out the answer. Show your boss that you want to learn and know what to do to find the right answer.

Likewise, never tell your boss you can’t do something. In a medical environment, there may be situations that make you uncomfortable or squeamish. Try your best and let your boss know that, while you are uncomfortable, you are willing to try (at least once). As an assistant, it will be your responsibility to aid your boss. Put yourself in a position to learn – and remember to be confident and positive.

3. Be trustworthy

As an assistant, you will be entrusted with professional and personal information. This can be sensitive information, such as confidential information about a patient or a medical situation. Be a good listener, but an even better confidant. Learn how to keep things to yourself. Practice restraint. It is important that your boss trusts you with all kinds of information. Gossiping is unprofessional, and disclosing any confidential information is against the law.

4. Be kind

Whether you are working with patients or working with your boss and your peers, it is important for you to be kind and respectful. In a medical environment, patients can be scared or uncomfortable. Do what you can to put them at ease.

5. Follow up

As an assistant, you will work alongside your boss caring for patients. As a trustworthy and kind assistant, you can take an extra step to improve your bedside manner: follow up. Check on your patients. Make sure they are comfortable and do whatever you can to help them. Your boss may appreciate your extra effort, especially if they are too busy to do it themselves. 

Try to practice these tips if you’re volunteering at a hospital, interning at a healthcare facility or doing on-site training for your degree program. Practicing these techniques now can make them habitual, so that they’ll eventually come naturally to you.


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