6 Blogs For HR Students To Start Following Today

August 22, 2013 General 0 Comments

HR Blogs For StudentsDo you take blogs seriously?

For a while, blogs seemed like an Internet fad – no one really knew what to think of them and most bloggers were written off as hobbyists. But as social networking and media sites continue to grow, our attitude towards blogs has changed. Now, we think of them more as insightful resources – especially as more industry professionals incorporate blogs into their personal websites and use them to share information on their work experiences.

As a Human Resource Management student, you might be looking for some insight into the workplace. Consider these six blogs, which we scoped out after consulting Kristi Hines’ and Masters in Human Resources Degrees’ suggestions for online sources. These resources can offer you unique insight into the HR industry – start learning from them today:

1. HR Ringleader 

What is it? This blog offers help to Human Resource employees. The author, Trish McFarlane, wants to inspire readers to think outside the box in every aspect of business – from innovating employee-client relationships to giving advice on making presentations more interesting. McFarlane is the head of Human Resources at a global IT consulting firm.

Recent posts include:

  • Importance of Mobile for Employee Referrals
  • Vendors, Know Your Target
  • 4 Ways to Achieve Growth: Messy and Painful

2. Evil HR Lady 

What is it? Written by Suzanne, an HR professional with 10 years of experience working for a Fortune 500 corporation, this blog focuses on demystifying human resources. She takes one question at a time and breaks it down for her readers. The blog also includes a long list of other HR blogs and resources.

Recent posts include:

  • Are You a Helicopter Manager?
  • How to End an Interview
  • Do I Have to Repay Relocation Costs if I Quit?

3. Lean HR Blog 

What is it? Written by Dwane Lay, the head of HR Process Design at Dovetail Software, this blog uses interesting anecdotes to interest readers and make points about the world of HR. Lay works hard to provide readers – including HR employees and managers – with a variety of important perspectives.

Recent posts include:

  • The Best HR Tech Conference Ever?
  • Shifting Loyalties
  • Would You Pay $5 to Browse?

4. Mr. HR 

What is it? This blog site is actually a collection of different blogs, allowing you to access a variety of posts from HR professionals and bloggers from one source. The blogs all share a common theme: a concern for employment law and human resources. Posts provide news, analysis and tips for professionals.

Recent posts include:

  • How to Write a Strong Termination Letter
  • Sorting Out Right for Specific Disabilities Under the ADA
  • Employee’s Smartphones as Potential Sources of Evidence

5. Systematic HR 

What is it? The Systematic HR blog is described as “the intersection between HR strategy and HR technology.” The blog is primarily interested in HR technology, new innovations and related news. This is a great resource to keep updated on the latest technology – and for applying best practices to the technology you implement in the workplace.

Recent posts include:

  • It’s Time For the CedarCrestone HR Technology Survey
  • Thinking Like a Leader
  • SaaS is Here: Get Over it IT!

6. HR Minion 

What is it? The HR Minion blog offers light-hearted commentary, personal experiences and insights from a lower level HR employee named Shauna Moerke. The blog is special for embracing some of the “zanier” aspects of the industry. Moerke boasts a diverse work history as well as a PHR certification and Master’s degree. Her strong opinion carries the blog, including some unorthodox opinions on ways to get things done around the workplace.

Recent posts include:

  • You Are Never Too Much of Anything
  • Job Vent: When Employees Fly Off the Handle
  • This Day in HR Minion History: Secret Confessions of an HR Pro

Consult these blogs for information on specialty topics, tips for working in Human Resources and professional insight. Each of these bloggers wants to help you get the information you need. Outside of the classroom, these are great resources – and networking opportunities.


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