Find your Path with a Class Pass!

Trying to decide what path is right for you and your future isn’t easy. It’s a big decision that can feel overwhelming. Where do you start?

So many of our graduates were right where you are now when they first came to us – undecided and searching for answers. Missouri College helped them find their path. We’d like to do the same for you by giving you a Class Pass. It’s a great way to experience a program first-hand, talk to instructors and students, and get an idea of what your future could be.

Missouri College offers a variety of programs from: Dental, Health, Human Resouce Management, and more. Please contact the school to find out which classes are available with a Class Pass.

We hope your Class Pass helps you make the right choice for your future. Whatever field you choose, we’ll help you develop the skills and confidence to achieve your personal vision of success.