About Missouri College

About_UsAt Missouri College, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and training to prepare for exciting career opportunities within the growing and dynamic healthcare industry.

Our school offers diploma, associate and bachelor’s degree programs tailored to the needs of today’s job market, with a particular emphasis on current healthcare technology and business practices. As a student here, you’ll have the benefit of studying in professional environments that replicate the modern workplace. You’ll be treated like a professional as you prepare for your future.

You can learn a lot about Missouri College and our energetic St. Louis campus by clicking the links on this page. We want you to feel confident about choosing a school that understands your motivation for pursuing an education relevant to the needs of today’s healthcare industry, and we believe our school can be an excellent place for you to acquire the skills to pursue your personal and professional goals.

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Accreditation and Affiliations

Choosing an accredited college is important. Find out why, and learn more about the accrediting organizations that are affiliated with Missouri College and our programs. Click here to learn more.

Students at Missouri College have the opportunity to experience daily what life is like for dedicated professionals in the healthcare industry. Right from the start, they are treated professionally as they are trained on modern, industry-current equipment and in state-of-the-art facilities. Students can expect the support of a community of educators that make their professional goals and interests a priority every day of their time here.

Students have the opportunity to build knowledge, skills, and confidence by sharing ideas and solving problems together; a collaborative process deigned to prepare them for the opportunities and challenges likely to be encountered in the real world upon completion of studies.

Facilities at Missouri College include labs, a lecture room, library and administrative offices. The campus is located in the St. Louis metropolitan area, southwest of the intersection of Hanley and Highway 64/40.

Missouri College's full-time career-services staff is dedicated to assisting current students and alumni with resume preparation, interviewing skills and searching for employment opportunities.

Students enrolled in Missouri College will have an opportunity for part-time employment while they pursue their studies. It is important to note that this assistance is available to all students who make satisfactory academic progress. The Career Services Department is the liaison between students and employers, serving the students by promoting Missouri College to prospective employers.

The graduate employment assistance process intensifies as students near graduation. The Career Service Department assists students with resume writing, interviewing skills and professional networking techniques. Students may have an opportunity to interview both on and off campus, until they have secured an appropriate position. This partnership between the graduate and Career Services department has the most potential for successful employment when the graduate maintains weekly contact with their Career Services Representative. The links below provide additional information that may be helpful to individuals interested in pursuing new opportunities in the business and allied health.