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Closure Announcement

It is with great disappointment that we announce that Missouri College must permanently close effective immediately. Missouri College was purchased just over a year ago by Weston Educational Inc. and today Weston informed the College’s administration that due to a financial shortfall, the company could no longer continue operations at any of the 10 campuses it owns, including Missouri College. The parent company has required us to close.

Missouri College did not close due to wrongdoing by its campus administrators nor was there a forced closure by a regulatory body. It is unfortunate that Weston’s overall financial situation at its other campuses has brought about the closure of our College. Over the past week, in order to help our students, Missouri College administrators made countless attempts to find other options including change of ownership away from Weston and transfer of accreditation. Unfortunately, the options were not viable within the timeline available.

This is very difficult news and we are devastated by the effects this will have on our students, teachers, and staff. Missouri College educated students for the past 53 years and delivered some of the brightest healthcare and dental professionals in the area. We cannot thank the community enough for the support they have given to help educate our students through the years and for the high regards they placed on our graduates.

No one is more greatly affected than our current students. In the coming weeks, although no longer operating, Missouri College will do everything possible behind the scene to help our students find pathways to transfer into other local institutions and complete their studies. This will be done in several ways; we will be providing to all students both a sealed official transcript and an unofficial transcript to help with possible transfer options. Students will receive this via mail within the next few days. Separate communication will be sent directly to students with more detailed information on options to continue their training and available funding.

For additional contact information for questions and concerns should be directed to Weston Educational at moco.info@heritage-education.net

We thank our community, faculty, staff, and especially, our students, who bravely pursued new career paths and allowed us to be a part of that endeavor.

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